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Date Post
April 2024 Reading local variables with bpftrace
January 2024 errno and libc
December 2023 Innovative --help messages
December 2023 Pull request review: still files!
November 2023 Kernel IPIs
Sept 2023 Packet drop reasons
Sept 2023 Truthiness in C
Sept 2023 AppImage explosions
Sept 2023 Revamping bpftrace’s CI with Nix
July 2023 bpfilter is forever
May 2023 Sudo and signal propagation
May 2023 The case for a community maintained BPF book
May 2023 vmtest: Run your tests in virtual machines
April 2023 Not so perfect forwarding
March 2023 Visualizing below using Grafana
February 2023 Generating kernel patchsets
February 2023 3D modeling with OpenSCAD
October 2022 File capabilties and /proc/<pid>
Sept 2022 BPF and go pprof
May 2022 Pull request review
May 2022 Kernel string overcopying
November 2021 Rewriting clipd
July 2021 DWARF stack walks and fast symbolization for BPF
March 2021 Switching to Caddy
March 2021 Ahead-Of-Time compiled bpftrace programs
December 2020 libbpf-rs: eBPF for the Rust ecosystem
November 2020 Understanding btrfs internals part 5
November 2020 Understanding btrfs internals part 4
September 2020 Understanding btrfs internals part 3
September 2020 Understanding btrfs internals part 2
September 2020 Understanding btrfs internals
July 2020 GDB hacking part 2
July 2020 GDB hacking
April 2020 /proc/[pid] and the missing threads
June 2019 Comparing interned strings
January 2019 Waiting on process exit
September 2018 C++ patterns: static registration
April 2018 Learning about std::vector and emplace_back
March 2018 Playing with C++ templates
November 2017 systemd and sd_notify(3)
May 2017 Linux kernel development setup
April 2017 Optimistic concurrency control in ATS
April 2017 Debugging Apache Trafficserver
March 2017 On writing unmaintainable code
March 2017 Setting up a barebones website